The Playoffs are coming Really, Really Soon

With 19,000 In a packed Staples Center and Millions watching at home, The Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers battled in a competitive and entertaining matchup.

With the buildup of this being another chapter in this newly fueled rivalry between the Warriors and the Clippers - or the head to head aspect of Chris Paul vs Steph Curry- there was a reason the NBA had this potential playoff matchup slated to be on primetime television.

The Clippers got out to a commanding lead going up as many as 17 points in the first half. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin leading the way, aiming to revenge their March 8th loss to the Warriors. As we have all learned over the last few years, you can’t count out arguably the best backcourt duo in NBA history because they can get hotter faster than a microwave.

If you haven’t seen or heard by the thousands of retweets or vine videos by the now trending Chris Paul, here it is.

At the 2:27 mark in the 2nd Quarter, Steph Curry reminded us all why he is in a very competitive race for the league’s MVP honors, by giving Chris Paul two behind the back crossovers on the left baseline, leaving Paul’s ankles and pride hurt, as he watched Curry drain the 10 foot shot.  Even the LA Crowd was cheering in amazement, as few have left one of the league’s best defenders looking foolish trying to play his usual lockdown defense. A memorable moment from a certainly memorable game that left people saying this could easily go seven games in a playoff series as it did last year. 

With Draymond Green sitting out due to a shin injury, Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan had their sights set on dominating the paint in tonight’s game. The Twin towers from out Lob City did just that, Griffin totaled 40 points with 12 rebounds, while Deandre Jordan had his usual 10+ rebound night with 15 rebounds. On the contrary, don’t count out Golden States’ big men, as they held their own, Andrew Bogut, David Lee, and Marreese Speights making their presence felt in key times of the contest, especially when Speights threw down a posterizing dunk on Glen Davis.



Klay Thompson got off to a slow but started the second half going 5/5 from the field to get the Warriors on their comeback driven attitude that started at the end of the first half. David Lee had himself a respectable game going 8/12 scoring 17 points and racking in 7 rebounds. The Splash brothers scored almost half of their team’s points dropping 52 points combined. 

With this loss, the Clippers drop one playoff spot behind the Portland Trailblazers in the pivotal 4 seed-5 seed matchup, which costs LA home court advantage for the first round. All is not lost though, the Clippers will play the Trailblazers tonight as they try to reclaim home court.

As for the Warriors, they go up another game in the win column, cruising with both the West’s top spot and league’s best record. Next they have the Phoenix Suns April the 2nd.

As the Regular season winds down Matchup’s against the League’s best Point Guard’s will be sure to keep people tuned as Playoff madness is set to begin only 18 days from now.