Ball Don't Lie

Rockets defeated the Cavs 105-103 Sunday afternoon, in a very chippy game. I enjoy games like this where both superstars are going back-n-forth with each other, even getting a little physical. 

*Kyrie Irving sat out with a shoulder injury that he suffered Tuesday against the Warriors.*

LeBron James and James Harden didn't like each other Sunday, and it made for an entertaining basketball game. Both players finished with 30, Bronny with 37 (15-35 FG) and Harden 33 (8-18) and guarded each other for much of the 2nd half. For some reason, LeBron didn't want to go to the rack today settling for a lot jumpers. And when he did go to the rack, he blew a few layups. 

Bronny went 1-4 from the field and 0-2 from the free throw line in overtime, which were with 4 seconds left in the game. I credit those missed free throws to the basketball gods and the old saying, "Ball Don't Lie". Those missed free throws came right after one of the weirdest no-call i ever seen, take a look at the play. 

Once LeBron reached and their arms locked, a reaching foul should have been called. Even when James Harden pulled LeBron to sell the call, an offensive foul should have been called. A reaching foul should have definitely been called though but for some reason no whistle was blown.

These two were pushing and shoving majority of the 2nd half. Harden even gave LeBron a little kick in his manhood while on the ground, which I thought was a petty act by Harden (LeBron acted a little bit too much afterwards too). That was that type of game this was though, Beverly and LeBron got into it, Trevor Ariza and Timofey Mozgov got into it, this definitely had a playoff feel. 

As far as the MVP race go, Harden got the edge on Bronny today. Usually, Bronny is the one dropping 30 on 18 shots, while Harden is jacking, but it was a different story Sunday. Bronny was 4-12 from behind the arc, and he even took some long mid-range two-pointers. I never understood why Bronny decided to jack up shots, when HE KNOW he can get to the basket whenever he wants. That has baffled me his entire career. Harden made his living at the charity strike, 15 points coming from the line, but seemed to be looking to pass a lot. Of course the MVP isn't decided on one game, but games like this, when two candidates are playing one another, should be apart of the discussion when deciding to hand out the award.