College Hoops Fan-i 12

For the remainder of the season, since football has finally come to an end, we will post our top 12 teams in the country every Tuesday up until the Final Four. And starting next week we will choose a player of the week, team of the week, and game of the week. Here are your first set of rankings for 2015. 

  1. Kentucky (21-0) - The Wildcats continue to prove me wrong. The only way I will be a true believer of the "Platoon system" is when they win a title. 
  2. Virginia (19-1) - If it wasn't for Virginia 20-piecing the Tar Heels in Carolina, Gonzaga would be #2. Prior to the Duke loss, I still thought that UVA was better than Zaga, the win over Carolina just helped them break even. 
  3. Gonzaga (22-1) - I really wished Zaga played in a much tougher conference. I'm not saying the West Coast Conference isn't a bad one, but I think Zaga has outgrown it. 
  4. Duke (18-3) - If it wasn't for that win against Virginia, Duke would be much further down this list. 
  5. Wisconsin (20-2) - Frank Kaminsky is playing at a Wooden Award level, shooting 53% from the field, 41% from the trey line, while averaging 17 & 8. 
  6. Villanova (20-2) - Nova is a little bit more experienced than Zona, reason why they get the nod over them. 
  7. Arizona (20-2) - 6'7 Freshman, Stanley Johnson, leads the team in points and rebounds while shooting 49% from the field. 
  8. Louisville (19-3) - The Cardinals loss to both Duke and Kentucky, but I still think this team will be a Final Four participant. 
  9. Notre Dame (20-3) - The Irish is holding their own with the first season in the ACC. 
  10. Kansas (19-3) - The Jayhawks have two 20-point losses on their schedule but revenge their 5-point loss to Iowa State, with a 89-76 victory. 
  11. West Virginia (18-3) - The Mountaineers sit 2nd place in the Big 12, 1.5 game behind the Jayhawks, who they still have to play twice. 
  12. Northern Iowa (20-2) - Two reason why the Panthers made it in the top 12, they only have two losses and they beat Wichita State 70-54. 
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