Lacrosse is mostly popular in the Northeast, going no further south than Virginia. For some reason, the NCAA is having games played in the middle of the Winter, where the North East has been a victim of bitterly cold weather. Stevenson made a trip to Rochester, New York to play RIT last Tuesday, but due to mounds of snow being on the field and 20 degree weather, they were forced to play inside the Carrier Dome. The Mustangs played their first home game Saturday night and the temperature at the start of the game was 19 degrees. 

Stevenson hosted Western New England, and demolished them 17-4. This was a game the Stangs was suppose to win, especially after their performance in Rochester. The 3rd ranked Stangs got off to a slow start in the first quarter, allowing Western New England to get out to an early 2-0 lead. Early turnovers by the Stangs gave WNE those scoring opportunities, along with some long possessions. 

Stevenson would come to their senses though, with less than 5 minutes left in the 1st quarter. Dylan Muti scored the first goal for the Stangs, long-pole defensiveman Callum Robinson being credited with the dimes (assist). Callum had a solid game today, and so did the rest of the defense. Along with shutdown defense (and a few fouls), Cal best contributions was on the clears. In the first half, Cal finished with 2 dimes, one of which being a pretty long distance pass to Stephen Banick, who finished with 2 goals on the day. 

Billy Burgoyne (11) celebrates after his 2nd period goal. After going down 0-2, the Stangs went on a 10-0 run in the first half. (Sabina Moran/SKM Photography) 

Billy Burgoyne (11) celebrates after his 2nd period goal. After going down 0-2, the Stangs went on a 10-0 run in the first half. (Sabina Moran/SKM Photography) 

Attackman, Paul Danko was the player of the game, finishing with 4 goals (5 pts) off 6 shots, finishing around the rim (goal) strong. Just like basketball, efficiency is a must. Today the Stangs were efficient, unlike the RIT game. 

Now the Stangs must work on being consistent. Even though this wasn't the best game they could have played, still some holes, it was a much better performance, especially on the offensive end. Similar to basketball, ball movement creates scoring opportunities. Today they worked the ball around a lot better and took some better shots.  

 The one thing I didn't like about this game is the fact that lacrosse is being players 19 degree weather. The NCAA has lost their minds, scheduling games in the middle of the winter. Lacrosse is a spring weather sport, played in shorts and jersey. Men's Lacrosse and the NCAA are so in love with having their Final Four tournament during Memorial Day Weekend, that they are forcing players to play in freezing temperatures in the beginning of the season. You're doing the fans and the sport a disservice by having these games in the month of February when no one wants to come stand in the freezing cold. It's hard to grow a sport when no one is watching. 


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