D-Rose out 4-6 Weeks

When news broke out that Derrick Rose tore his meniscus earlier this week, it was a very depression day, it felt like someone died. Of course everyone wanted to call it quits for D-Rose because this was the second time he tore the same meniscus, but people forget, a meniscus is not a career ending injury. 

D-Rose had a successful surgery today, even walking out of the hospital. Last year when he tore the same Meniscus, he choose to have it repaired which ended his season. This time Rose choose to take out the Meniscus completely, which has the possibility of shortening his career, but at this point, I think Rose just wants to play basketball.

I actually think this is a good idea for Rose. Obviously repairing it didn't help his situation, so why take that route again. Rose will be back right around April, just in time to help the Bulls finish their run for the playoffs. If the Bulls still want to make it to the finals, they will need Rose, and a healthy one, both mentally and physically. 

Kendall HiltonComment