Cavs Locked In

Since coming back from the All-Star Break, the Cavs have beaten two playoff teams by double digits, in both conferences. Last Friday, they destroyed the Wizards in Washington, and last night they defeated the best team in the West, Golden State Warriors by 11. So far they are 4-0 coming out of the All-Star Break, with LeBron leading the team in scoring in 3 of those games. 

LeBron James dropped 40 for the second time this season, 42 points, 11 boards, 5 dimes, and 3 steals. When LeBron is on point like this, it will be hard for any team to beat the Cavaliers, who are stacked with talent. People will look back on this game in the MVP race and it won't favor Steph Curry who only finished with 18 points and was 5-17 from the field. James, who is already a 4x MVP didn't acknowledge the MVP talk, but Curry did saying this after the game. 

I hope it’s not handed out on this one game. I hope it’s about the body of work. Tonight just wasn’t my best game. Shots that I normally make didn’t fall tonight.
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I don't think Steph lost the MVP because of this one game, but if he wants to capture his first MVP title, he must make those shots consistently from now on, which I think he will and has done so far. Only reason why I say that is because the NBA will look for any reason to give the MVP to their darling child LeBron James, so room for error is small for Curry.