Ravens say goodbye to Jacoby Jones

This is the downfall of professional sports, seeing players who embrace the city depart. Because of cap reasons, the had to part ways with fan favorite Jacoby Jones. Jones was scheduled to have a $3.3 million cap hit, which is detrimental to the Ravens, who are in dire need of cap space. 

Jacoby spent 3 seasons here in Baltimore and was vital piece in the Ravens 2012 Super Bowl run. Jacoby scored 4 TDs, 3 of which coming on special teams. He was named to the All-Pro team, gaining 1,508 yards between punt and kick returns. You also can't forget about his memorable plays in the postseason, from the hail mary catch in Denver to the 109 yard return in the Super Bowl. Without Jacoby, I'm not sure if the Ravens win that Super Bowl. 

I think majority of Ravens Nation is disappointed to see Jacoby leave the Ravens. Coach Harbaugh said that he was one of his favorite players he ever coached. I got the chance to sit and talk with Jacoby at a local bar, and he was a cool dude. We talked about how the game of football was changing and how it was becoming soft, which was surprising coming from a wide receiver. He was a genuine dude that always showed loved to the fans no matter where he was. This city will surely miss Jacoby.