Markakis Speaks out

Nick Markakis spent 8 seasons in Baltimore with the Orioles, spending majority of his time with the O's at the bottom of the AL East. Over the years, Markakis became a fan favorite because he was one of the few players that was productive for the O's.

When the O's became playoff worthy though, his numbers somewhat went down, going from a .298 average in 2012 to .276 in 2014, which is still pretty damn good. He also missed the 2012 playoffs with a hand injury.

Markakis, at 31, was also due for a neck surgery during contract negotiations, which ultimately was a factor in him not resigning with the O's, instead signing a 4-year $44 million dollar deal with the Braves. The O's didn't say that Markakis condition was the reason why they didn't re-sign Nick - I actually thought it was because of his and price tag - but Markakis made sure that the public knew exactly what it was. 

Don’t believe a word they say. It was all because of my neck. They can say what they want to make them look good. It’s all B.S.
— via USA Today Sports

Even though he is talking bad about the home team, I'm going to believe Markakis on this one. This is a business and investing in a 31-year old OF with neck issues doesn't sound like a good business decision. O's GM told USA Today Sports that it was a "factor" but I think it was the deciding factor. I wanted to see NIck retire here in Baltimore so I'm disappointed both parties couldn't come to an agreement.