Chris Bosh will miss the remainder of this season after blood clots were found on his lungs. This tragic news comes in the wake of Jerome Kearse death, who passed a Wednesday from blood clot in his lung. 

Surprisingly this isn't uncommon in the NBA. Bosh teammate, Udonis Haslem, suffered from the same illness after his surgery on his foot in 2010. Mirza Teletovic of the Brooklyn Nets, is currently out for the season due to clots being found in his lungs last month. 

Treatment for this condition usually takes up to 6 months and requires limited physical activities. So far Bosh's wife and coach, Eric Spolstra, has said that Bosh is in good spirits right now and is doing fine. I know we like to joke and kid on Bosh a lot but I think we can all agree that we want to see him healthy and back on the basketball court. Everyone at Fan-i wishes Bosh a speedy recovery and we're praying for you CB along with Teletovic.