Fall of the Cr'nack

Prior to the 2013 College Football season, I wrote an article on Johnny Manziel's quick rise to fame. His senior season was nothing short of great but he was still categorized as a loose cannon that NFL teams should stay away from. Teams actually took heed to that, not because of the off-field issues, but because they didn't think he was equipped to be a NFL Quarterback. The Browns decided to take a chance on him with the 22nd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, but since then, Johnny Cr'nack hasn't shown a great return on investment. 

Since Manziel has entered the league, his life has been under the scope. The fact that he dropped so far down the draft, already put a negative light on him. Some people considered it to be a steal, me being one of them, and others said he wasn't worth a 22nd pick. None the less, Cr'nack received much attention, here is a timeline of his first season. 

May 28thManziel spent Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas which didn't sit well with the Media who criticized him for it. I didn't see a problem with it, just a young man trying to enjoy himself before Training Camp. 

June 10th & 16thManziel was all over social media when he was photographed with a bottle of champagne while riding an inflatable swan at a club in Texas, then again when a video surfaced of him holding a large stack of money to his ear. Still, nothing I thought was that serious enough to criticize and judge him. 

July 4th This is where thing got out of hand for me. Manziel was photoed in a mirror rolling up a $20 bill into a tube. Now for those who are not familiar with that, rolled up dollar bills are synonymous with recreational drug use, which is not uncommon for NFL players. 

July 26th - Manziel entered training camp as the #2 QB, and on August 20th, Brian Hoyer was named the starter for the season. 

September 12th - Maziel made his NFL debut against the New Orleans Saints, with a pass attempt on a trick play and 2 handoffs. 

November 22nd Police were called to a downtown Cleveland Hotel at 2:30am after a scuffle broke out in the hotel lobby that involved Manziel's entourage. No charges were filed and the fan would later clear Manziel of any wrong doing.

December 14thManziel made his first start against the Cincinnati Bengals and it was an ugly one. Manziel was 10-18, throw for only 80 yards and 2 interceptions. The Browns loss 30-0, and the lousy performance just added fuel to fire for the Manziel detractors. 

No matter what bro, You my #Dawg 4Life! #ProudOfYou bro @jmanziel2 #TMT

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Today Manziel entered himself into a rehab facility, which is probably the best thing to happen to him in his rookie season. The quick rise to fame obviously hurt his drive to continue to work hard, and the persona Johnny Football, replaced the man Johnny Manziel. Much credit should be given to Manziel for taking this step though. It sometimes take many entertainers and athletes to hit rock bottom before they try to fix their problem. Luckily for Manziel, his fall wasn't to the bottom but just a wake up call that it's time to get back to the basics. The Browns have said they support Manziel's decision and will stick with him on his road to sobriety. He is definitely one of our favorite players, we wish Johnny Cr'nack the best.