NBA Trade Deadline

I had a feeling that this trade wouldn't go through only because of how Dragic went to the media and expressed his displeasure with the Suns front office, but the Suns put Dragic in a very good situation. He will play for a playoff contender in the East (not championship but he makes them better) and gets to live in South Beach, everything turned out for the better for Goran. The Suns will receive Danny Granger and two first round picks, not bad a deal for either team. 

*Shawne Williams will head to New Orleans in this deal and John Salmaons will head to Phoenix, and it;s Justin Hamilton not Jordan Hamilton that will go to the Suns*

This was the first mega-trade as far as numbers of players. The biggest name in this 5 player trade is Aaron Affalo, who I think will help the Blazers, especially on the defensive end. 

Reggie Jackson said he would like to be traded and the Thunder gave him what he wanted. Jackson, who is in his 4th season, basically wants to be a starter in order to showcase his basketball talents, and playing in OKC behind Russell, that would have never happened. Now with the Pistons he can be a starter and but a title contender is no longer in his near future. The Pistons will send Kyle Singler and  D.J Augustine to the Thunder. 

The Jazz was also included in this trade, sending Enes Kanter to Thunder for Kendrick Perkins. I don't have too much to say about this part of the deal, except I'm curious will this hurt team chemistry for the Thunder during the last stretch of the season. 

The Bucks traded Brandon Knight to the Suns, while the Sixers send MCW to the Bucks. Not really sure why the Sixers would send off MCW, who they could have obviously built around. Trades like remind me of how impatient NBA teams are. 

The Suns look to be clearing house after the Dragic situation. I'm curious to how 2nd year head coach, Jeff Hornacek feel about all of these moves while his team is in a playoff race.