Kevin Garnett heads back to Minnesota

The Nets has traded "The Kid" back home to Minnesota for Thaddeus Young. KG had to agree to a breach his No-Trade Clause in order for the trade to go through, and as you can see, he did with no problem. 

KG is playing in possibly his final season, and will have the opportunity to retire with the same team that drafted him 20 years ago. This trade isn't one that will try to make a the Wolves a contender, but to give a young T-Wolves roster a well respected future Hall of Famer to  grow under. 

KG is also back with his former coach Flip Saunders, who has gone on record saying he would like to have KG back in Minnesota to help younger players. I think it is more underneath the surface with this one though. I'm sure KG wants be apart of the coaching staff or front office after he calls it career.