Operation Melo Shutdown

The New York Knicks have decided to sit Carmelo Anthony for the rest of the season, due to his knee problems, but mainly because the season is a waste. The Knicks are 10-43 right now and are in the process of clearing house. Everyone knows that to allow Melo to keep playing this year would not be a smart move with their $122 million investment

Melo will have surgery on his left knee, which has been bothering him for majority of this season. The surgery will sideline him for 8 weeks, which will still give him time to prepare for his off-season workouts. He has missed 13 games this season, Knicks losing all 13 games and has played less minutes, averaging 34 minutes over the last two months. The best part about this whole scenario is that, this is not a serious injury or procedure.  

I really don't understand why people HATE Carmelo so much. People were mad at him for playing in the All-Star Game, in front of his home crowd, being the only Knick voted in. He clearly said he wanted to give the fans a reason to cheer, in what has been a horrible season, and yet people still criticize him. In what way does he embarrass the league? To call him an embarrassment because he is sitting out the rest of a wasteful season, when the front office has already gave up on the season, is far beyond a reach. He plays basketball hard every night and you never heard a teammate, coach, or opposing player say anything negative about the man. Comments like this is why athletes sometimes don't respect the fan's opinion.