Vice President Bronny

Congratulations to LeBron James on becoming the first Vice President of the NBA Players Association. He will work under his good friend, Chris Paul, who is president. James was voted unanimously at a NBPA meeting Friday, that included 50 players, some of which being Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, and Kyrie Irving. 

Bronny's responsibilities have not been arranged yet, but him being one of the big wigs in the on the executive committee makes for an interesting labor dispute come 2017. The NBPA are expected to opt out of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, which was set up in 2011. Having two big name players leading the Players' Union will apply a lot of pressure to the owners. LeBron already seems to have a large influence on the game, now with a role in the labor process, the players will definitely have an advantage come 2017.

I saw someone say Kobe or Jordan never did this much for the league and I think I know why. Both Kobe and Jordan were too focused on playing basketball. Kobe and Jordan had a different kind of mindset, one I think is different from LeBron and Chris Paul. Not many players take up these positions in the prime of their career, mainly because they are focusing on winning titles, not to say Paul and LeBron aren't, but their jobs will require much focus. I still commend Paul & James for wanting to make sure that things will be gravy for their peers and future NBA players.