Ty Lawson show-off in Staples Center

Nuggets defeated the Lakers, 106-96, in what turned out to be a good game between two lackluster squads. Nuggets notch their 20th win of the season, while the Lakers still sit at 13-39. 

Ty Lawson had a career night, dropping 32 points (28 in the second half) and 16 dimes, both tying season highs. During the game, Reggie Miller spoke of how Lawson should be an All-Star and considered as one of the top PGs in the league but his inconsistency has kept from reaching that plateau. Currently, Lawson averages 16 points and 10 dimes, which seems to be good numbers, but knowing Lawson's capabilities and high ceiling, you can't help but to want more from the 5-year veteran. 

Miller also talked about how coach Brian Shaw has to confiscate players' cell phones during film session. Now this would be completely understandable on a high school level, but not the pros which includes grown men. I always wondered why the Nuggets couldn't get over that hump but now it's evident that they may be complacent. Anytime a coach has to take grown men mobile device away from them, that is a major problem and a sign that some dudes need to be replaced.