No Love in the City

Sports in New York has not been top notch lately. Only the New York Giants and Yankees have won a titles in the last ten years, but they also had a couple bad seasons in between. The City of New York has 8 teams between the 4 major leagues, 2 in each league, but for some reason, championships has eluded this city. Since 1900, the 8 teams combine for only 50 titles, with the Yankees accounting for 27 of them. The Knicks, who was established in 1946, only account for two titles, the last coming in 1973, so it's only right that fans in the big city should be angry and disgruntled. 

Four friends, Jason Koeppel, Jared Koeppel (brothers), Greg Kohler, and Dan Filowitz has launched a new website, You can look at the Knicks record and past 15 years and see why the 4 disgruntled fans would like current owner, James Dolan, to sell the team. This is not the first time fans have shown their displeasure with Dolan. Just recently, a Knicks fan sent Dolan an email asking Dolan to sell the team, in which Dolan replied back with some words of his own.  

The 4 friends was also upset over Dolan's nasty email to a fan, which they should be. An owner should never talk to a fan in that manor, especially one that has been loyal to the team for 50 years. Fans are the ones that support you, and if you start disrespecting the loyal ones, you'll have 4 friends trying to raise $20,000 for a billboard that says, "", just a few blocks away from Madison Square Garden. 

The four friends have been down this road before. Just this past NFL season, they launched and raised enough money for billboards close to MetLife stadium. on Black Monday, former Jets' GM John Idzik was fired. Jason Koeppell said this to ESPN, explaining both campaigns, 

Just like we didn’t think that Woody Johnson was gonna go outside Route 3, near MetLife Stadium, and look at a billboard and fire his general manager, we certainly don’t think that James Dolan is gonna look at a billboard on 30th and Seventh and say, ‘Hey, maybe you know what? I should sell the Knicks. But the whole point of this just to voice displeasure and maybe embarrass him to the point of realizing that what he’s doing the last 15 years isn’t working and it’s time to step away.
— Mike Mazzeo,

I completely agree with what these guys are doing. Fans have little-to- no voice at all when it comes to our beloved franchises. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Dolan, has lost all credibility with fans because of stupid decisions over the years. The hiring of Phil does give Knicks' a sign of hope, but how long will the meddling owner allow the basketball people to do their jobs.