Katy Perry Halftime Show

1st Quarter

Super Bowl 49 started off slow in the first quarter. Both teams going scoreless. Seattle didn't generate any kind of offense, only gaining 17 yards in the first half. Russell Wilson has not been a factor so far, much of the offense going through Marshawn Lynch. The Patriots pass defense has been phenomenal, keeping Wilson in check, both in the air or on the ground, much of the credit going to the Patriots' secondary. Even though the Seahawks receivers can make plays, their going up against an All-Pro secondary, who makes it hard to eat out there. 

  • Big Play: Jeremy Lane interception stopped a redzone drive by the Patriots keeping the game scoreless and stealing the Patriots momentum. Lane also injured his arm at the end of the play, forcing him to leave the game earlier

The Patriots offense is winning the chess battle between them and the Seahawks defense. Tom Brady really wants to play today, can't think of the last time I seen him locked-in like this. The Seahawks defense is playing very well, especially the defensive line, but Brady isn't backing down. Michael Bennent has cause much havoc in the backfield, putting some good hits on Brady. The Patriots went scoreless in the 1st quarter but seen that red zone. Unfortunately for the Brady and the Pats, Bennett applying pressure on Brady forcing a bad throw and Jeremy Lane interception. Both defensive started off on good foot, making hard for both teams to eat.

 2nd Quarter

The Seahawks offense gained some speed at the tail end of the quarter. The Patriots still did a great job with the Seahawks receivers. This where not having a big time receiver hurt the Seahawks because no one could get open for them. Russell Wilson first completion of the game came at the 4:54 mark, which was followed by the 44 yard reception by Chris Matthews, his first of the season. That setup Marshawn Lynch, who carried the ball 3 straight times from the 11 yard line. So far in the game Beastmode has 12 carries for 45 yards. 

Patriots offense continued to win that chess battle in the second quarter. Tom Brady threw two TDs, one to Brandon Lafell and another to Rob Gronkwoski. The Seahawks secondary is a little bang up, so of course the Patriots are going to attack them hard. The Patriots were able to score right after that Marshawn TD, going 80 yards in 5 plays in less than 2 minutes. Brady is 20-27, which is a lot of passes at halftime. Majority of those have been short passes, only averaging 6.6 a completion but its working. 

  • Big Play: The Patriots at times looked to be the best team in the game but then the Seahawks makes a play to even out the momentum meter. The Seahawks TD right before the half, scoring in 30 seconds, is probably the biggest play of the half, and probably the game, depending on how things play out. Seahawks will start the half with the ball.