Texas-Baylor Scuffle

Don't you love College Football? The records may show a meaningless game between the Baylor Bears and Texas Longhorns, but this 100-year old Lone Star State rivalry is nothing short of meaningless. 

Things got out of hand after Duke Thomas of the Longhorns intercepted Baylor quarterback Lynx Hawthorne in the final seconds of the 1st quarter. Hawthrone of course did not like the fact that he throw an interception with his team already trailing 17-0 in the first quarter, slammed Thomas to the turf just as the referees blew the play dead. 

That's when the fun began. 

If Hawthrone would have tackled Thomas in the middle of the field, this altercation may not have happened, but Hawthrone made his "late hit" on the Longhorns sideline, which made their bench erupt. 

Safety Kenny Vaccaro was the first to defend his teammate by pushing Hawthrone to the ground, followed by the Longhorns sideline circling around Hawthrone while he was on the ground. The Baylor would soon come to their quarterback rescue, running on the field to faceoff with the Longhorns. 

No major punches were thrown just some good pushing and shoving, no players were ejected. The Longhorns would win the game 23-17, finishing the season 5-7.