RIP Ernie Banks; Klay go for numbers; Harden game winner; Hawks 15 straight.

Baseball legend, Ernie Banks, passed away Friday at the age of 83. Of course I never got the chance to see Ernie Banks play, but growing up, I've heard stories from my grandfather about Mr. Cub. Ernie Banks played 19 season in the MLB (1953-1971) all for the Cubs. He entered the league at the age of 22 and by 28 he was a back-to-back NL MVP recipient. Banks is also a member of the 500 HR club with 512 career long balls and a .274 career batting average. Banks was one of the golden boys for the MLB, well respected by everyone around the league and had a smile that could give a city hope. We send our condolences to the Cubs organization and the family of Mr. Ernie Banks. 

In the 2014 edition of Five Percenters, I ranked Klay Thompson as one of the top 5 shooting guards in the league. So far this season Klay is averaging 22 points, being a main contributor on the best team in Basketball right now. Friday night, Klay dropped 37 points in the third quarter, going 13-13 from the field, breaking Melo's and Iceman Gervin's record for most points in a quarter, which was 33. He finished with a cool 52 points, which is obviously a career high for him, shooting 64% from the field and 11-15 from the behind the arc. Don't forget about his 2 steals and 4 blocks. Some people argued my decision to put Klay top 5 SG, I wonder if they're still arguing. 

James Harden right now is the MVP. His team may be underachieving but you can't really blame him for that. I think he will continue to play at a MVP level for the remainder of the season but a MVP like playoff is what I want to see from Harden. 

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The last time the Hawks lost, it was December 26 to the Milwaukee Bucks. The last time they had back-to-back losses, it was November 17-18. I'm still puzzled on how they are doing this and I have to admit, they might be legit. All I can say is, don't gas out come April.