Not really sure what to think of this one. One part of me doesn't really care because the Colts didn't play very well. I don't think slightly deflated balls would give the Pats that much of an advantage in a 45-7 victory but you never know.

The Colts inexcusable play is the main reason why they took an L like that but then there is the other side of my spectrum. The side that is not surprised that the infamous Patriots are caught "cheating" once again. Since 2001, this team has received countless amount of bad calls that went into their favor, and was caught spying on the Jets in 2007. I've heard that all teams in the NFL practice that but you're not supposed to get caught.

Of course these actions done by the Patriots puts a black eye on the shield, who constantly allows the Patriots to prosper from these actions. With this being the second time in less than 10 years, the Patriots has been caught doing some sort of forbidden competitive edge, I think they should be punished harshly but deflated balls doesn't spell cheating for me.

Aaron Rodgers expressed his gripe about football tampering also. His issue is with the referees who come and release air out of the balls before games. Rodgers says that normally, teams' equipment mangers and QBs pick out which balls to use for the game, usually ones they used during practice. The officialsmust check the balls a couple hours before game time but some would deflate the balls because they have too much air, which Rodgers doesn't think is a "Competitive advantage" 

Do I think the Patirots should be disqualified, therefore potentially being removed from the Superbowl? No, only because the Colts didn't prove that they belong in there. For a situation like this I would allow the Patriots to play in the Super Bowl, but they have to pay a heft fine, lose  a few draft picks, along with being sanctioned from the postseason in 2016, all of which are hurting the team. Missing the postseason doesn't affect the players pockets because postseason compensation is not their contracts. This will also hurt the Pats chances of getting free agents, with players knowing they won't be able to play in the playoffs for a season.

The NFL will have to do something about this though, the integrity of the league is currently on the line.