You pick a sport and I can point out a moment where an official cost a team the game. It seems to happen every day. Cowboys-Packers both played a great game but unfortunately it will be overshadowed by a controversial call, that I thought was one of the worst ever.

I said that both teams would have to run the ball, both Eddie Lacy and DeMarco Murray rushing for 100+ yards, but Aaron Rodgers had another MVP like performance. Rodgers threw for 316 yards, 3 TDs, and completed 68% of his passes, not to mention he did that on a bum calf muscle. I'm not surprised that Rodgers had that type of performance because he has been doing it all season. Even though it was late in the game, once he found his groove, the Cowboys couldn't stop him or the Packers receivers in the 4th quarter.

On the go ahead drive, Rodgers went 7/7, throwing for 79 yards and a pretty strike to tight end, Richard Rodgers, in the back of the endzone. On the ensuing drive, the Cowboys attempted to score but a very controversial call ended their drive. 

As a fan, this is probably one of the most horrible calls I ever seen. I been trying to figure out what's worse, this or the "Tuck Rule" that benefited the Patriots back in 2002. According to the "rule book" Dez Bryant didn't complete the process of the catch because the ball hit the ground. We seen this happen to Calvin Johnson a couple years ago, and still two years later, this is probably the worst rule in the NFL Rule Book. Any where else in the world, this is a catch, and a great one at that. Dez made a play for his team on 4th down, not relying on any referee to throw a flag and took matters into his own hands. Unfortunately, because of some "technicalities", this will go in the books as an incomplete. Don't worry I will have more to say about this this Tuesday on Sports Rap Radio, download WPB Radio App and tune in from 7-9pm. 

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 Not really sure what happened to the Broncos in this one, but the question of "Did the colts do the right thing by getting rid of Manning" may have been answered. Luck outplayed Manning, proving doubters wrong, myself being one of them. 

I couldn't really get into this game because I was still disgusted with the results of the Cowboys-Packers game but I noticed after the first TD for the Broncos, they were flat for the remainder of the game. Peyton Manning probably had one of his worst games, only throwing for 211 yards, completing only 56% of his passes. Early on in the game, he overthrew Emanuel Sanders a few times, which is very uncharacteristic for the great Peyton Manning. He wasn't the only one missing plays, Demaryius Thomas dropped 3 passes, all of which were screens, when Thomas is most deadly with the ball. 

Emanuel Sanders caught 7 passes for 46 yards but was targeted 15 times. If Manning and Sanders could have connected on 5 more passes, they could possibly be preparing for the Patriots. (AP Photo)

Emanuel Sanders caught 7 passes for 46 yards but was targeted 15 times. If Manning and Sanders could have connected on 5 more passes, they could possibly be preparing for the Patriots. (AP Photo)

The Colts did what they were supposed to do, taking advantage of the Broncos slow start. Luck and the Colts didn't jump out the gate early either but the defense gave them opportunities. By the second quarter, the Colts had full control of the game. The Broncos for some reason couldn't figure out how to get out their slump, basically making life easier for the Colts' defense. By halftime the Colts were up 14-10, when they could have easily been down 3 possessions. And the Broncos defense, with all of these pro-bowlers money could buy, did not make enough plays to keep Luck and the Colts from scoring 24 points.

Sorry to say this, but it might be time for Peyton Manning to hang it up. He was off on so many throws today and he didn't give his team an opportunity to win the game at any time. He was outplayed by Luck, who didn't play that great, and missed an opportunity to silence the critics who say he is a choke artist. I wouldn't call Manning a choke artist, but I also can't call him the greatest QB ever when he has 9 one-n-done trips in the playoffs, that's not balling. As for Luck, he will face Manning's biggest rival, the Patriots, who look like they will make it back to the Super Bowl. 


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