CFB Semi-Final: Rose Bowl

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This was very hard for me to watch. To see your team get obliterated on national television is never fun to witness. The Seminoles committed 4 turnovers in the 3rd quarter and the Ducks turned them into 27 points. At halftime, this was only a 13-18 game, but like they've been doing all season, FSU started off slow. In the Playoff article, I said that if FSU started off slow, they will have a long game, and going 0-3 inside the 5 yard line during the first quarter is definitely starting off slow. I have to tip my hat to Oregon's defense because they played phenomenal. They completely took away any big play opportunities from the Noles and made them play honest. 

Even though the score says otherwise, this was a close game at one point. Oregon's offense in the first half made a few plays to get the lead but FSU's defense kept them in-line for the most part. The first half was basically both teams getting a feel for each other and in the 2nd half, Oregon made the right adjustments. 

The second half is the story of this game, mainly the third quarter. Two fumbles from Freshman running back, Delvin Cook, and two Winston turnovers gave the Ducks and Mariota the momentum they needed. That costly slow start for the Noles came back to haunt them because Oregon found their groove and stepped on the throttle. Marcus Mariota accounted for 398 total yards and 3 TDs. I haven't seen a QB at Oregon run this offense as well as Mariota. He completely had the Seminoles confused and tired all game long. Thomas Tyner also had a big game on the ground, rushing for 138 yards and 2 TDs on 13 carries. This was an all around great game for the Ducks, smashing who I thought was the most balanced team in the playoffs. 

Even though Oregon played a great game, I have to say that the Seminoles beat themselves. People want to say they got exposed but how do you expose a team that won 29 straight games? Committing 4 turnovers in one quarter is a recipe for disaster, especially when you're playing against a team like Oregon. We've seen the Noles comeback to win games after starting off slow, but never they've never played this poorly in the 2nd half. Defensively, I don't think they were prepared for Oregon's offense which I blame on the coaching. Oregon's speed wasn't the issue for Noles, but more so preparation. They weren't conditioned for the fast pace style of Oregon, and they were out of position all most every play. The fast pace option style offense made the Seminoles frustrated and the Ducks knew it.