You can't make this stuff up. As a Orioles fan, I can't stand Derek Jeter but as a fan of baseball, I have the ultimate respect for him. Jeter has been a class act his entire career, never been in any trouble or tabloids, and always in the conversations for baseball's best. Jeter's career has been a storybook full of memorable moments, so it's only right that he ends his final game at Yankee stadium with a walk off single. Unfortunately, it had to be against my beloved Orioles but I have to live with it only because it's Jeter. This hit is similar to when he accomplished 3000 hits. For those that don't remember Jeter hit a home run to left field for #3000. 

It amazes me to see a player always make the greatest plays in the most clutch situations. For me, that's what makes Jeter great. In my 24 years of life, Jeter has consistently been the best player in the MLB. Even though his numbers were never eye popping like other players in the "Steroid Era" but not one player from that era can say they have more big moments or hits in the POSTSEASON than Jeter. Is he the greatest player ever?; depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for regular season accolades, then Jeter probably isn't top of the list but if its the Postseason we're talking about, Mr. 3000 is definitely in the conversations.  



New York Giants has outscored their opponents 75-31 in the last two games. Tonight, the Giants' defense made the Skins life a living hell, forcing 6 turnovers. Kirk Cousins threw 4 interceptions and fumbled the ball, with only one touchdown. I never got into the Cousins-RG3 debate because I don't think it is a debate. Even before this game, I never thought Kirk Cousin was better than RG3. Some took the side of Cousins because he is the more "prototypical" QB that experts swear you need to win in the NFL. 

For what Jay Gruden wants in a quarterback for his offense, Cousins is better fitted for that. Gruden and the Skins' coaching staff wants to change RG3 into a pocket passer and I think that is a mistake. I don't understand why coaches are scared to embrace an athletes style. More timeS than none, you see coaches trying to change an athletes style of play to fit their style of offense. To me, great coaches are able to adapt to their players while still executing their offense.

Skins are now 1-3, 0-2 in the NFC East. Desean Jackson hasn't been the big play machine yet and Robert Griffith III will be out for a month, maybe more. And now with Cousins abysmal performance, Skins have questions to answer.