Bears Escape MetLife



How many chances are the Jets going to give Geno Smith? I don't think Geno is on pace to have 25 turnovers like last season but he is on pace to having more turnovers than touchdowns. I don't want to count out Geno, only in his 2nd season, but I don't think he is a starter in the NFL. His decision making is atrocious, he has sub-par pocket awareness, and lacks play-making ability. This Monday night game was the perfect opportunity for Geno to prove that he is qualified to be a starter in the NFL but instead he threw a pick 6 on the 2nd play of the game.  

The Jets are a good team and has the pieces to make the playoffs, if not win the AFC East, but first they must figure out what to do with Geno. My advice to the Jets coaching staff; start Michael Vick. We all know that Vick isn't what he used to be, but I think he is better fit for the job than Geno. Tonight's loss wasn't just Geno fault though, the running game didn't help much (was almost eliminated after a 14-0 deficit in the 1st quarter). 

Chris Johnson has been another disappointment. Signing with the Jets was supposed to give CJ2K new life but he has yet to see the endzone and hasn't carried the ball 15 times in a game this season. An ineffective run game will also slow down Geno's progression. Chris Ivory has been the Jets best run option, averaging 6.3 yards a carry so far this season. Right now the Jets are ranked 16th in rushing, and for Geno's sake, they must at least be ranked in the top ten. I say for them to really become effective on offense they must be ranked top five. 

The Bears defense has a bunch of new faces on it, only recognizable player from the Urlacher/Lovie Smith era is Lance Briggs, but the style is the same. The Bears are currently ranked 2nd in total yards allowed, behind the Jets. The Bears front 7 is very physical and lethal, especially the linebackers. We all know what kind of damage Briggs can do but then you add a young and aggressive Jon Bostic to the mix at linebacker, with Jared Allen, Lamarr Houston, and an up-n-coming Willie Young on the defensive line, it's going to be tough to move the ball.

The Bears secondary is probably their weakest unit, only cause of injuries. Charles Tillman is out for the remainder of the season with a tricep injury and in tonight's game both safeties, Ryan Mundy and Chris Conte suffered injuries. One bright spot in that Bears secondary is rookie Kyle Fuller. Kyle, in back-to-back prime time games, has caught an interception, currently with 3 on the season. Tonight, Fuller was a true ballhawk, forcing 2 fumbles along with his interceptions, and 7 tackles. He made a rookie mistake by taking the ball out of the endzone, getting tackled inside the 5, but you can live with that. 

Overall this was a good game. It involved a comeback and came down to the last possession. Bears are 2-0 in primetime games with 3 more left on the schedule, two of which are at home in the month of December. It's still early but I think the Bears will end up being one of the best teams in the NFC by the end of the season.

As for the Jets, I think their season depends on how many chances they give Geno. How long can they keep Vick sitting on the bench? At some point they have to realize that Geno is Geno, hopefully it won't be too late.