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It was all bad just a week ago but Tuesday, September 16, 2014 will go down as one of the greatest days in Baltimore sports history. After a 17 year drought, the O's are finally division champs. In that 17 year span, the Yankees have walked away with the division 12 times. That was then and this is now and now the Baltimore Orioles are the biggest beast of the east. 

Growing up as a O's fan, during my lifetime, the O's have been at the bottom of the totem pole. Seeing them at the top of what I think is the best division in baseball, is very fulfilling. This city needs all the positive vibes it can get and the O's for the past 4 years has been that vibe, along with the Ravens. 

This will be the O's second postseason appearance in the Buck Showalter's era. In 2012, when they made it as a wild card team, expectations wasn't so high. We were just happy that they proved the world wrong, who felt the O's shouldn't even been there. Now 2 years later, expectations are high. The city needs and deserves a World Series title, which hasn't been in Baltimore since 1983. 

I can't think of another team that is as balanced as the Orioles. They are the best hitting team in the Majors, one of the best defensive teams, if not the best, and the pitching has been a few steps above average without an All-Star caliber ace. All of which can be credited to Buck Showalter, the best manager in baseball. 

If Buck Showalter don't win the Manager of the Year award, it will be a travesty. No other manager in baseball presses the right buttons like Buck. I have criticized Buck before for how he manages the bullpen, sometimes taking pitchers out too early, but this year it was hard for me to find any flaws. He found a new closer in Zach Britton, and used the right relievers at the right time. Buck has also been great with the lineup, even when he is missing his best players. The O's lost Matt Wieters in the beginning of the season. Was without Manny Machado for the first month, loss Machado again last month, and recently loss Chris Davis to suspension. Still the O's have found ways to win with unexpected players. This will be a great postseason and I can't wait. 

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