Ravens beat Rivals on Thursday Night

There is no denying that the NFL really stepped into the some major trouble PR wise this week with the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal. There is also no denying that if any a team was affected by the aforementioned scandal, it was no other than the Baltimore Ravens; for obvious reasons, being that Ray Rice has spent his career playing in Baltimore. Therefore, after asking many questions about Ray Rice and his future; the question was asked next how can the Baltimore Ravens team put this scandal in the rear view mirror and come out 100% focused against their bitter rival, Pittsburgh Steelers. What was even worse was that this was a Thursday night game, which means if the Ravens could not figure it out on national television, they were in for a mountain of questions.

 (Via SI.com)

(Via SI.com)

Well fast forward to the end of the evening with the Baltimore Ravens beating the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 26-6. Now I can say what a great victory this was for the Ravens, and that they were playing some great inspired football etc., but I watched this game from 1st to 4th quarter and the fact is the Ravens played just okay to be completely honest. Statically Joe Flacco was not good with 166 yards 2 touchdowns on 21/29 passing, Bernard Pierce may have had 96 yards but he got 22 touches and the defense may have only allowed two field goals but the Steelers offense was terrible and kept beating themselves with turnovers and penalties.

Basically this was a game where the Ravens brought their B game but they got away with it because the Pittsburgh Steelers brought their D- game. As a result, you will probably hear a talented journalist, columnist and or sports expert tell you how this was an inspiring victory for the Ravens and that they showed they were united and together. However, as a watcher of this game with no allegiance to either team, I will tell you that the Baltimore Ravens picked up a much needed win by being average because the Pittsburgh Steelers were not good.

I will also tell you that if you hear or see someone telling you something that sounds like this “Ravens played inspired football and Shut down the Steelers” you can walk away from that comment because that’s not true. Granted you can only beat the teams in front of you and the Ravens did that. I am saying that the Ravens beat the Steelers in a rivalry game to kick off Week 2 of the NFL, and because both teams did not play amazing football, the game was not good and no talk of inspired football by the Ravens should be had.