Could these two be the next big superstars of the NBA? I see a rivalry in the making. (SLAM Magazine) 

Could these two be the next big superstars of the NBA? I see a rivalry in the making. (SLAM Magazine) 

With the #1 pick, the Cavs selected Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins came into college with the most hype and he came into the draft with the most hype. I don't think he is bad player but I don't think he is the best player on the board either. He has great athleticism but I think he will have trouble scoring in the NBA because of his unorthodox style of offense. I don't see the dribbling abilities you need to play on the perimeter or the shooting consistency. His best offensive skill maybe catching oops from Uncle Drew. Of course with time he can develop more offensive intangibles, but how long is the question. Wiggins is definitely going to be an exciting player in the NBA but I would have taken Parker instead.


Jabari Parker is the best overall player in this draft. He can score from anywhere on the court, only player with a better offensive arsenal is Doug McDermott. Parker went 2nd to the Bucks and I'm curious to see how they will build around him. I do think he is the type of player you can build a franchise around but like Wiggins, it l is going to take some time for him to grow into that. If the Bucks front office do the right things, they can build themselves a playoff team. They already have a defensive frontcourt with Larry Sanders in the middle, who is only 23. Now would be a good time to have Brandon Jennings or a veteran point guard. And they should find another scorer on the perimeter opposite side of Parker. This is the Bucks time to bring life into their franchise, they have a young superstar caliber player, I hope they don't mess it up.

This draft class has the potential to be one of the best and maybe the best since 2003, but that's all these teams are drafting on, potential. I actually thought this class was weak only because the best players, in my opinion, was not ready. Players like Joel Embid, Aaron Gordon, and Noah Vanleh all left early but don't have a distinct thing about their game. Most of the players drafted do not have a fundamental offensive game or suck at defense, which in turn, creates one dimensional players, the story of the NBA. 

Julius Randle is one of the few player that I think will turn out to be a good one. Even though I wished he stayed for one more year because he still do little things like bring the ball from his hip and only can go left, but he is a beast in the hole. The Lakers' franchise have always had a good eye for talent and Randle is definitely talented. Plus he wants to be great, not to say other players don't, but it's something about Randle that seperates him from the rest. He has that "killer" that Kobe can admire and the size to handle his own. Will he be an instant impact for the Lakers? Maybe. I am curious to see how D'antoni will use him in his offense being that Randle is a half-court post player. I'm sure Kobe will enjoy playing with the young boy. Could this be the next Laker great? 

Alot of these picks I didn't really understand. Teams were drafting the same positionthey drafted a year ago or drafting players too high. Here are some of the picks I just couldn't get with:

  • 3rd Pick Sixers, Joel Embiid -  Embiid will miss at least 4 months because of his foot injury. Now if you remember, the Sixers drafted Nerlens Noel last year, who also came into the draft with an injury. Noel missed the entire season and the Sixers obviously didn't learn their lesson. People are suggesting that Noel and Embiid are going to cause havoc in the paint but will they be able to stay on the court? Who is the post-player of the two? Not a smart pick. 
  • 5th pick Jazz, Dante Exum - I'm sorry but Exum has been all hype, but besides that, didn't the Jazz take Trey Burke in the lottery last year? The only explanation is that they will use Exum, who is 6'6, at SG while Trey Burke play the point. Exum is listed at PG though and is only 196 lbs, so how potent will he be playing bigger guards. Then you have to throw in the question, are they giving up on Trey Burke already? Somebody got some explaining to do. 
  • 10th pick Sixers, Elfrid Payton - Now I like Payton. I seen him play a few times while he was at UL-Lafyette and he can score with the best of them. As much as I like him though, I don't think he is a lottery pick, nor a need for the Sixers. They drafted a PG last season, who was voted ROY, why draft another one? Maybe they use both in the backcourt, which could possibly work, but I think it's a reach. 
  • Any foreigner drafted in the lottery. 

Clint Dempsey attempts a header but it sailed over the goal. That was the closet the U.S came to scoring against the Germans in their 1-0 loss. (Getty Images)

Clint Dempsey attempts a header but it sailed over the goal. That was the closet the U.S came to scoring against the Germans in their 1-0 loss. (Getty Images)

The United States Men's Soccer team have made their country proud and proved the doubters wrong, making it out the group of death. Now they didn't beat Germany, which I really wanted to see happen, but they did what they had to do in earlier games to be in a position where a loss wouldn't hurt them. They still have a lot of work to do, they still have a chance to continue to make noise for the remainder of the tournament but they must perform better than what they did against Germany. I actually think they purposely played a defensive game to play it safe because they loss the possession battle 37% to 63% and only had 4 shots total in the game (Germany 15 shots, 9 on goal). Luckily for the U.S, the great Tim Howard is their goalkeeper because he single handily kept it to a 1 goal game.

Hopefully Jozy Altidore will be ready for the next match against Belgium July 1st because our only offensive threat has been Clint Dempsey. Trying to play a defensive game will not work for the rest of the Cup because from  here on out, it's only win or go home, NO DRAWS. 


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