The Pacers had an opportunity to close out the Wizards at home and in 5 games, getting some rest for the Heat. Instead, they were beat by 30 on their on in court in front of their own fans. I really don't understand what is wrong with the Pacers, one minute they want to be great and the next minute they want to be mediocre. The Wizards finally got a great game out of John Wall, who went for 27, a career high in the playoffs. Wall showed-off his shooting tonight, hitting a couple mid-ranges and going 3-6 from the trey ball line. Gortat also had his best game of the postseason with 31 points, 16 boards, and a block. As for his opposition, Roy Hibbert, 4 points and 2 boards. This type of inconsistency is exactly why the Pacers could potentially lose this series or get bumped by the Heat in the next round.  

Skip Bayless was scruitnized heavy when he said that Chris Paul was not a superstar and gave him the nickname "CPZero" because of his playoff struggles. Well, Paul made Skip look like a prophet after this game, with his three back-to-back-to-back detrimental plays. Clippers had a 104-97 lead with 49 seconds left, and in that 49 seconds CP3 lost the ball, fouled a 3-pointer shooter, and didn't get a last second shot up. It made CP3 look real bad and he knew it. He owned up to his bad plays, even though his coach Doc Rivers thought the refs missed a call that was replayed. This collapse in the final seconds is the type of series defining moment, that you look back and say "that determined the series". Thunder got a great game from Russell Westbrook, who dropped 38 points while KD struggled from the field. Russell was the one who stole the ball from CP3 and hit all 3 free throws after CP3 fouled him. Even though KD only went 6-22 from the field, he scored 5 points in the final 49 seconds. 

The Rangers capped off an historical comeback last night, defeating the Penguins 2-1, advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals for the second time in 3 years. This is also the 5th straight game 7 victory for Henry Lundqvist who had 35 saves on the night. The Penguins are now 4-5 in playoff series over the last 5 seasons, losing to all lower-seeded teams. Rangers will now wait for the winner of the Bruins-Canadiens who play in their game 7 battle tonight. 

The Blackhawks are on thier way to the Western Conference Finals, defeating the Wild 2-1 in overtime, clinching the series 4 game to 2. Patrick Kane slapped in the game winning goal, his second in the series. The Blackhawks are looking to reach their 3rd Stanley Cup Finals in the last 5 years, taking home the Cup in 2009-10 and 2012-13. 

Andre Johnson came out and requested to be traded from the Texans, saying he does not want to go through another rebuilding year or a young QB. Johnson, at the age 32, has every right to feel this way. He obviously wants to go to a team that can compete for a Super Bowl, and has a QB that could feed him the rock. Where are the best locations for him? Well the Patriots come to mind, I'm sure Tom Brady would love to play pitch and catch with Johnson. Even though they are in the division, the Colts are another team that could use his services. And finally, the Panthers who lost all their receivers this off-season. No matter who get Dre, they will have to give up some picks because even at 32, Dre is still one of the best wideouts in the league. 

The Pistons made a major move by snagging up Stan Van Gundy. Van Gundy hasn't walked the sideline since he was dismissed by the Magic in 2012 because of his rocky relationship with Dwight Howard. Van Gundy will also be president of basketball operations, giving him complete control of the basketball aspect of the Pistons. Van Gundy will have control over who the Pistons aim for in free agency and NBA Draft. As a coach, he is walking into a locker room with a young and talented team that includes Andre Drummond, Josh Smith, Greg Monroe, Brandon Jennings, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. This team still need a big time free agent to put them over the hump, but I'm sure Van Gundy will bring the boogie back into MoTown.