Draft recap

Another successful NFL Draft is officially in the books. I can admit this was a very intriguing draft, filled with different story lines and much anticipation. For the first time in a few years, nobody truly knew who the #1 pick was going to be until he was announced. 

I agree with Stephen A on how the NFL Draft process is too much, but I do think Clowney bought those innuendos on himself. We all know Clowney has the god given ability, size, and talent but 3 sacks in your final collegiate season makes me question your work ethic. Even with the criticism Clowney received, he also received a lot of excuses and pampering. I would love to see Clowney do great things in the league but I am non-believer just because I do think he gave up at South Carolina. Then on top of that, you tell teams you're not doing anymore private workouts, gives me more reason to question you're work ethic. 

I have no idea who these 4 dudes are but they are idiots. The Bills drafted the best player in the draft. I have no issues with what the Bills gave up to draft Sammy. The Bills have a dynamic player in Watkins that will have an instant impact. With him and CJ Spiller on the field at the same time, both Clemson boys, defenses will have an issue trying to keep up with the speed. Even if the Bills do suck next year, I still don't think that potential early 1st round pick is worth more than Sammy Watkins. I don't do draft grades because I think they are stupid and a waste of time, but the Bills easily made one of the best picks in the draft. 

The only reason why this is a questionable pick is because, can we honestly say that Bortles is the best QB in this class, let alone 3rd best player? I don't think he is the best QB, i just think he fits the prototype for an NFL QB. Some are saying Bortles will be a work in progress and that gives me more reason to question why you would select him at #3. As the 3rd overall pick, you must come in and make plays instantly. Like all these picks, only time will tell whether or not Bortles will be a star in this league. 

Somehow, someway, Johnny Cr'nack fell to the 22nd pick and the Browns made a move to go get him. I'm not surprised he fell so far down in the draft, even though I think every team with QB issues that passed on him made a mistake. You can say whatever you want about Manziel but you can't deny the fact that he can ball out. He torched the SEC and Alabama for 2 years, same team and conference that has been crowned kings of the college football world. Browns got themselves a great player and the Dawg Pound has every right to be elated.

Browns also took CB Justin Gilbert at #8, who will play opposite side of Joe Haden, creating a very athletic secondary. Both have the abilities to take it to the house if the ball is in there hands. They also took Terrance West in the 3rd round, which is great for West because he has a great opportunity to see some serious playing time, with only Ben Tate and Dion Lewis being his only true competition for the starting RB spot. A Manziel and T.West backfield could be in the Browns near future, watch out NFL. 

  Mosley is the first middle linebacker the Ravens drafted in the 1st round since Ray Lewis, that says alot. (Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports)

Mosley is the first middle linebacker the Ravens drafted in the 1st round since Ray Lewis, that says alot. (Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports)

Ravens are getting back to the basics. In the past twos seasons, they have drafted, 6 players in the first 3 rounds of the draft. The Ravens went to Alabama to find their future franchise middle linebacker and Florida State for two of their best off that stellar defense. My favorite pick for the Ravens this year is probably Terrance Brooks because now they have a natural free safety back there and Matt Elam can play closer to the line of scrimmage where is best at. I was surprised to see that they didn't go after a WR but I guess they are satisfied with the group they have now. Overall, I am very pleased with the Ravens draft this year, getting back to the basic and building the defense. 

I'm completely against giving out draft grades because we don't know what exactly each team is looking for in a player. Some teams are looking for pure athletes, some are looking for technically sound football players, and some are looking for diamonds in the ruff. We can make our own opinions and analysis on who made the best moves or who made worst, but honestly, we don't know. The only way we can truly analyze, give out draft grades, and break down these picks is to wait at least 3 years. My advice is just enjoy the draft for what it is, an opportunity for all 32 teams to get better and young men fulfilling their dreams. 

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