If it was a team that could end the Spurs 19 game winning streak, its definitely the Thunder. Thunder defeated the Spurs 106-94, completing the 4-0 sweep on the season. The Spurs have always had trouble with the Thunder ever since KD and Russell realized they are very good. This is what I think will be a preview of the Western Conference Finals late May. Even though the Thunder defeated the Spurs 4 times this season, averaging 106 points vs. the Spurs, I still think the Spurs are the better team just because they know how to win when it really matters. Thunder used their athleticism on the defensive end to smoother the Spurs and created 30 fast break points, 13 points off of 18 turnovers. But come May I see Popavich fixing that issue and will slow the game down tremendously.

  • KD scored 28 points, making this 39 straight games with 25 points or more, 1 game behind Jordan 40 games in 1986-87 season. 

Apparently, Florida State University did not handle Jameis Sexual Assault case very well and now the FEDs are investigating the allegations. All charges were dismissed in December 2013 but that was on the state level. The allegations are from 2012 when Jameis was just a regular redshirt player that nobody knew, which I think is wild that all of this is coming up now after he has been in the National spotlight but according to title IX, this is protocol. We wish Jameis the best of luck. 

After 2 seasons at Tulsa, one of which that led to a trip to the NCAA Tournament, the former KU player and assistant will now coach the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest. I think this is good for both sides because for Manning, he is coaching one of the best programs that was available that has some prestige and history to lure in recruits(See Tim Duncan and Chris Paul). And for the Deacons, they have a coach that has been to the National championship as a player and an assistant coach, with a decent career in the NBA, which should lure in recruits. I'm sure it will take some time before Mannning can bring Wake back into the National scene, who hasn't been in the tournament since 2010. Congrats to the Deacons and Mannning.  

 Johnny Manziel has haters, Johnny Manziel has lovers, but you can not deny the fact that Johnny Cr'Nack can ball. (AP)

Johnny Manziel has haters, Johnny Manziel has lovers, but you can not deny the fact that Johnny Cr'Nack can ball. (AP)

Deion Sanders on Roland Martin podcast, came out and said people don't like Manziel because he has "Ghetto Tendacies" and I agree with him 100%. Manziel is cocky, flamboyant, and doesn't care if you don't like it. I also think he is humble, when he needs to be, but he will let you know he is successful and a bad man on the field. If you grew up in poverty, you'll completely understand that mentality and if you didn't, you will look down on him and it might upset you. Even our nickname for him, Johnny Cr'nack, symbols inner city living, even though he is a rich white kid from Texas. I love Johnny Cr'nack, can't wait until he can play in the NFL. 

People went into an uproar over Daniel Murphy's two game paternity leave which I didn't really understand. Whether you agree with his decision or not, you have to respect it. It's not a big deal that he missed games to be with his wife and it wouldn't have been a big deal if he played, he made a decision for him and his family. Some people may have played and some wouldn't have, but at the end of the day, that is their decision. Me personally, I wouldn't have missed two games, maybe one but not two. Most importantly though, congrats to the Murphy's on their healthy newborn baby boy. 

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