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Guess who is in the 8th spot? After all types of turmoil and despair this season, the Knicks are currently in the 8th spot with 6 games left on the schedule. They are 1 game ahead of the Hawks, who are 3-7 in their last 10 games. Can the Knicks hold on? I hope so, I would like to see a Heat-Knicks playoff series. Should be entertaining. 

The Wizards smashed the Celtics 110-85 to clinch their first playoff berth since 2008. The Wizards are currently in the 6th spot, which would match them up against the Raptors who are 3rd in the East. The one thing about the Eastern Conference is that its so bad that I feel like anyone can beat anyone. The only true lock in the conference are the Heat, who will more than likely represent the East in the Finals come June. Besides that, we would like to congratulate the Wizards for bringing playoff basketball back into the DMV area. This will be John Wall's first time in the playoff in his 3 year career, I'm sure he want to make it last forever. 

Barcelona will not be able to pick up any players until summer of 2015 for their illegal activities with underage players. Players under 18 are not allowed to participate in any games or be involved in team activities unless they live in that specific country. They also can not move to that country for sports related reason, similar to how kids can't play at a school outside of their school district. This is a big blow for Barcelona because 2 of their defensemen are injured and their goalie, so the team will be very thin for the next year. 

Its amazing how someone with so much talent and ability can get dropped like a bad habit. I often question these GMs decisions because they make absolutely no sense at all. Why would you cut your best player, with nothing to replace him? The Titans are going nowhere fast and cutting CJ2K  is speeding up the trip. The NFL is known as a copycat league which I think is dumb but it's true. Instead building around your premier back, one of the best in the league, you cut him to try and become a "passing team" with NO QUARTERBACK. If you're a losing team, that hasn't won anything for some years now, you can't make decisions like this. 

The Pro Day hype is real, like SUPER REAL. Today Clowney tripled his hype in his pro day, wowing everybody and their mother with his freakish ability and athleticism. Like Manziel's Pro Day, Clowney's did not change my opinion about him. I know he is a great athlete with once in a lifetime size and speed but on the field, I seen him give up on some plays and that make me believe he will struggle. I do agree with the idea that you can not pass up on him but only if you need him. The Texans need a quarterback, not another defensive end.