The world was in an uproar over Johnny Manziel's Pro Day. I first would like to say shout out to Johnny Cr'nack for throwing is his pads, can't think of anyone else that did that. Now apparently, Johnny did real well at his pro day, making all the throws, showing accuracy and arm strength, even threw a 60 yard bomb down the field to Mike Evans, who was also impressive. I don't get to excited over pro days simply because, it's basically practice. It does has some importance but it doesn't change what the game film already shows. Manziel was always accurate and always had the arm strength, we didn't need the pro day to determine that. What I am most impressed with is how Johnny Manziel has created a buzz for himself. He has marketed himself the best out of all the draftees this year, showing owners he can bring attention and MONEY to their team. He rubs shoulders with some of the most influential people in entertainment, such as Drake and LeBron, even represented by LeBron's close friend and business partner, Maverick Carter. He even has his own Pro Day line on the Store, where you can buy the same equipment and apparel he wore during his Pro Day. Manziel has definitely thought out this pre-draft day process. If he is generating this much attention and MONEY before he touches an NFL field, imagine the potential circus that will follow once he is in the league. I salute you Johnny Cr'Nack aka Money Manziel 

This has to be the worst off-season ever for Ray Rice. If convicted, Ray Rice could face up to 3-5 years in jail. I think he will be good but its not a good look for him or the Ravens franchise that is coming off a rough season. We wish Ray the best of luck. 

  The Dayton Flyers reach their first Sweet 16 since 1984 and the 4th time in school history. 

The Dayton Flyers reach their first Sweet 16 since 1984 and the 4th time in school history. 

Here are the scores from today's Sweet 16 matchups:

South Region: 

  • #1 Florida 79 ~ #4 UCLA 68 - The Bruins tried their best to knock off the Gators but just didn't have enough firepower to last with them. 

  • #11 Dayton 82 ~ #10 Stanford 72 - Dayton will have to play a perfect game to knock off the Gators in the Elite 8 but they are without question the Cinderella of this year's tournament. 

West Region: 

  • #1 Arizona 70 ~ #4 SDSU 64 - Zona outscored the Aztecs 42-32 in the second half, to rally back. Nick Johnson went 0-10 with 0 points in the first 36 minutes, but scored 15 in the final 4 minutes of the game. This is the second time this season Zona defeated the Aztecs
  • #2 Wisconsin 69 ~ #6 Baylor - This is one of Bo Ryans best teams, can they be the first to get him to his first ever Final Four. 

I am no where near surprised at the amount of Miggy's new extension. If Robinson Cano is worth $225 million, I'm sure the reigning back-to-back AL MVP is worth damn near $300 million. The contract is worth $292 million to be exact and it's hard to say he don't deserve it. In the past 2 season, Miggy has completed the triple crown (leader in RBIs, HRs, and batting average) and nearly did it twice. At 30, this will surely keep Miggy a Tiger for life, which is how it should be. Now he must bring a title to MoTown. 

Shaka Smart for the third year straight turned down an offer from a team in major conference, this time declining the head coaching job at Marquette. I don't see Shaka going anywhere anytime soon. He truly wants to build a program at VCU, something coaches are not known for doing now a days, Young coaches like Smart, that have built up a name and program at a small or mid-major school, tend to leave for the next opening at a major school, which is understandable. But I have to commend Smart because he is in it for the long run with VCU and recruits should take notice of that, you know he there for you and not himself. 

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