The NFL Free Agency started today at 4pm, getting players, GMs, Agents, and fans all overly excited for this time of the year. Free Agency benefits both players and teams but I think it benefits the players more. Skip made a great point when he said that "Millions and millions are about to be overspent by desperate NFL teams on free agents rejected by former teams." In the free agency, players have the advantage because it is a bidding war for their talents and unlike the draft, they get to pick where they want to play. Herm Edwards also hit it on the nose when he said that teams must be careful who they pay the big bucks too because sometimes those players are not what they were. I always said if a players original team didn't want to pay for their talents, why should the next team:? In some cases the team just can't afford great players and have to let them go because of cap space but most players want more money or refuse to take a pay cut in result getting released. These players are not bad players but they are not worth what they are asking for, example Demarcus Ware. Demarcus Ware is a great player, lead the league in sacks twice in his 9 year career but is he worth $16 million?. If you have the cap space, yes, but if you don't then he must go. Ware refused to take a pay cut leaving the Cowboys, who only have $1.9 million is cap space, no choice but to release him. Ware has only tallied 17.5 sacks in the past two seasons (19.5 in 2011) while the Cowboys has been middle of the road 8-8 three seasons straight, not enough for $16 million. 

Then you have situations like this. Polamalu and the Steelers agreed to a 3 year extension worth $20 million that keep Polamalu a Steeler for life. The Rooney family displayed their loyalty to one of their greatest players in franchise history, something that is rare in professional sports. I commend the Steelers and their front office because they took care of one of their own instead throwing money to someone who had no connection with the fans or franchise. Polamalu without question has been one of the best players in the league for the past decade and even though he is getting older, he still has some tread on those tires. This is not surprising though, the Steelers are known for their loyalty, only 3 coaches since 1970. 

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