KD Returns and BIG TEN vs. ACC; Hoke Fired

Kevin Durant returned to the basketball court Tuesday night, and even though they lost, his numbers didn't look too bad. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to witness him so I can't discuss how he look on the court but shooting 50% from the field with 27 points is a good sign that things are ok. I actually think he should have sat out until January but with the Thunder being 5-12, recovery time had to sped up. The Thunder will have a lot of ground to cover from here on out. They have very little room for error only because they compete in the Western Conference, where if you win 49 games, you might miss the playoffs. If they do some how manage to get in the playoffs as a 7th or 8th seed, beware all high seeds cause this is not the team you want to play in the 1st round. 

 (courtesy of SI.com)

(courtesy of SI.com)

The ACC-BIG 10 challenge is one of my favorite jewels of the college basketball. Being a resident of Maryland that is disappointed the Terps switch conferences, I'm stuck in limbo about which conference I should cheer for. So far this year the ACC has been dominated, Big 10 up 6-2.  Spike Albrieght seasled the win for the Wolverines with his deep trey ball with 30 seconds left on the clock. I think Wednesday night will have the better games. UMD vs. UVA, Duke vs. Wisconsin, Carolina vs. Iowa, and ND vs. MSU. 

I'm really curious to see how the Terps will look come out playing in front of what I think will be a very raucous crowd. I like what I see so far from this young Terps squad and I can say that I am not familiar with this team. It is truly a new team. Only players I am familiar with are Dez Wells, Jake Layman, who were the two starters from last season that stayed. Freshman Melo Trimble should put on a show, only if coach Turgeon will let that leash go. 

Brady Hoke has officially been fired as head coach of the University of Michigan football team. I feel bad for Hoke because anywhere else, a 31-20 record in 4 years would have kept him his job, but not at Michigan. Hoke is the third coach since 2008 to be fired by Michigan, with 3 losing seasons during that span. When you compare that to 3 coaches that coached from 1969-2007, who won 21 combined conference titles and 0 losing seasons, it gives you a better understanding of the tradition. Michigan joins Florida and Nebraska as prestige schools without head coaches. Florida has made interest in Chip Kelly, coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, but I doubt he would leave an NFL position to go back to College. I hope all 3 of these prestigious programs can find there way back to the promise land.