Thanksgiving Weekend

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend. We decided to step away from the grind and spend time with our families, so apologies to those that was looking for new content. Over the weekend though, a lot happened, on and off the field. So lets get back to the grind and review some of the biggest football stories from this past weekend. 

The Eagles came into Thursday's matchup with the Cowboys 5-0 in Thanksgiving Day games, and they walked out 6-0. Eagles controlled this game from beginning to end. Sloppy play from the Cowboys was the reason for the 33-10 loss. They sloppy on all levels, even the play-calling was bad. I don't expect the Boys to play like this in week 15 when they visit Philly for a Sunday Night battle. I expect that game to also be worth a #1 spot in the division. 

I wasn't surprised by this because this was actually the right thing. Ray Rice was a victim of double jeopardy, which no one should have to go through. The League and Ravens had a chance to smash him back in March and they didn't but when the tape was released, the same tape I'm sure both the NFL and Ravens saw, both entities threw Ray Rice under the bus. It's a shame when the only person that told the truth in this situations is the person who committed the crime, everyone else lied on Ray Rice. Ozzie Newsome also stood tall and said that Ray Rice did not lie to him and he knew about everything that was caught on that tape. Now that Rice is available for any team, everyone is curious to where he might land. I can say I have no clue on where he could land because it will depend on what team will want to take on that media coverage and P/R nightmare. None the less, I'm happy to see Rice back in the league and hopefully a team will give him an opportunity. 

I thought this was amusing because they really want the players to be disciplined because they expressed how they felt. Just because evidence showed that Darren Wilson was innocent, doesn't necessarily mean people will believe it. The only thing we know for sure is that the young man was killed by a police officer. I like to see players demonstrate like this because this shows they are in tuned with the community. Rams would go on to defeat the Raiders 52-0. 

Johnny Manziel scored his first NFL TD against the Bills after he replaced Brian Hoyer in the 4th quarter. Manziel took the Browns 80 yards before he ran it in from 10 yards out. Hoyer was benched becuase he threw 2 INTs and the offense wasn't doing much. Do I think Manziel will be the starter next week? No but I do think that this added fire to the QB situation. Hoyer leash just became shorter and I don't think he can afford to have another game like this or he will lose his job. 

One of the best performances I ever seen from a college receiver. Cooper was pretty much unguardable Saturday against Auburn. Too many times during the game Amari was wide open, not to mention he was always being double teamed. I already said he is a Heisman Finalist, now I'm leaning towards him being #1 in the 2015 NFL Draft. Bama will have at least 2 more games for Amari Cooper to showcase his talents so make sure you know tune in.