Ravens trump Saints; Terps' freshman big game; Red Sox spend money; RIP MIKE BROWN

 (courtesy of SI.com)

(courtesy of SI.com)

Ravens really impressed me Monday Night, especially the offense. Joe Flacco threw for 243 yards on 24 pass attempts, while Justin Forsett ran for a career high 182 yards. Only 1 turnover was committed by the Ravens, 0 INTs by Flacco which is always a plus. The Ravens didn't outgain the Saints but they kept up with them. And unfortunately for the Ravens defense, the numbers will show they had a bad game but the film will show otherwise. They sacked Drew Brees 4 times and scored on a pick 6 thanks to Will Hill. Normally this would be a great win for the Ravens but since the Saints are 4-7 on the year, it just another example of how the Ravens are great against average to below average teams. No matter what though, they needed to win this game to keep their playoff hopes alive. 

I covered this kid while he played at Bishop O'Connell, one of the top high schools basketball programs in the Baltimore/DC Meto area, and I knew then he would be a star. Even though this is only his 4th college game, I see this kid turning into the Terps best player by the end of this season. He has great scoring ability and has crazy range. I'm excited to see Melo help put the Terps back into the national scene. 

Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval combined for nearly $200 million in total money. The Red Sox are definitely looking to "buy" a title next season, adding some bats to the lineup. I'm not really sure where the Sox are heading to next but I expect them to add a big name to that pitcher staff. 

In the wake of all this madness, I would like to send prayers to Mike Brown's family and anyone else who has lost a love one to unjustly police brutality. This has been an issue for decades, and for some reason, we can't seem to find a solution. For the 2nd year in a row, we as people, have been separated by verdict that involves an unarmed black teenager and an armed white man. I would be lying if I said this isn't a race thing, the media treatment and legal system reminds us that it is.

At Fan-i, our biggest goal is to create a new culture, not only in the media, but among society. While these terrible situations continue to happen, we want to help young black males succeed in America without dying or being a victim of the legal system. As a young black male myself, along with everyone else apart of the Fan-i crew, we understand that America is a wonderful place to make a living but it's rules, laws, and guidelines are not made for us. Unfortunately, we are sometimes labeled as the enemy and it is up to us to change that perception. If we want change, we must first change ourselves.