Bronny Complaining about Minutes; A.Pete banned; Marshawn fined $100k; Gordon is back

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The Spurs have now defeated LeBron James in 4 straight games dating back to the Finals. This was the first time since June that Bronny has faced the Spurs since they eliminated him and he didn't look eager to play them. What really bothered was instead of pre-game talks being "LeBron's Revenge" or something of that nature, the pre-game focus was comparing the amount of time each team Big 3 is playing. For some reason, LeBron thinks that he shouldn't be playing 39 minutes a game (3rd most in NBA), nor should his other two star team mates(Kyie 4th, K-Love 5th in minutes played). Stuff like this is why I can't bang with Bronny. This man is the best player in the game, on all the commercials, the poster boy for the NBA in the prime of his career, but yet he is complaining about minutes played. And this isn't the first time. 

You never wanna hear a player complain about minutes played, especially one of his caliber. And trying compare his minutes to the Spurs is very foolish of the media. For one, the Spurs big 3 all have 10+ years under their belt, plus a few championships. The Cavs big 3 on the other hand, has two players younger than 28 and the best player in the world, quit the complaining and hoop. 

Two years ago, A.Pete was one of the poster boys for the NFL. A year later, he loss his son, and now in 2014 he will miss a total of 16 games because of child abuse. Peterson plead no contest to a misdemeanor reckless assault but will not serve any jail time. He already missed 10 games but that wasn't enough for Mr. Goodell. Goodell insist that Peterson "didn't show remorse for his action" which is why he suspended A.Pete for the rest of the season. Did A.Pete go too far with his son? Yes, but to say he wasn't remorseful is a reach. For me, I don't think you can tell a man how to raise his kids, reason why I have little issue with his situation. My main problem with this whole situation is how, once again, commissioner Goodell and the NFL is inconsistent with their punishments. They solely react off of public perception, mainly social media. And where is the NFLPA? Why aren't they doing their jobs and standing up for these players. A.Pete will not be able to play the rest of this season nor will he be paid because he disciplined his child. NFL and Goodell are nothing but jokes.  

Even though the Vikings are pretty much out of the playoff convo, they still have 6 more games to play. They picked up Ben Tate, who was recently released by the Browns, to help them in the backfield. I'm guessing that these final six games will be a "job interview" for Tate to see if they will bring him back next year. After this season is over they will have one big question to answer; What to do with Adrian Peterson? 

I found out this year that since Rodger Goodell been commissioner, the league has fined players over $78 million and during that span Rodger Goodell has made over $40 million. Now all Goodell wants to do is "protect the shield" and punish anyone who is detrimental to the shield. Marshawn Lynch found a fans wallet on the ground at a gas station and returned it to his neighbor who eventually gave it to the fan. Of course the fan was very thankful and shared his story with the world on social media, which in turned brought some positive attention the Seahawks and the shield. That was Tuesday, now Wednesday, the league fines him $100k for not speaking to the media. The media are the only people who really care if Marshawn talks or not, or any player for that matter. Fans watch him for his talents on the field, not his words in the locker room. 

Josh Gordon will play in his first game this season, ending his 10-game suspension. Gordon has been quoted saying that he is "going to tear the league" which I'm sure puts a smile on every Browns' fan face. Hopefully this extra time off helped Gordon get his mind right because he is a very good football player. The Browns are in good position right sitting at 6-4 with two more division games left on the schedule. Having him out there just adds an extra dynamic to the Browns offense, which is currently ranked 14th in passing offense, 15th in total offense. Brian Hoyer will finally get a true #1 receiver to go along with Andre Hawkins, Taylor Gabriel, Miles Austin, Jordon Cameron, and Travis Benjamin. Browns visit the Falcons this weekend so check out Gordon in his first game back.