Calling all baseball fans, did you know there were playoffs this year? For those who missed it on Tuesday nightWednesday morning, we as baseball fans were treated to a classic. What was expected to be a pitching masterpiece between the Oakland A’s and the Kansas City Royals, turned into a 9-8 war. The back and forth battle was stimulating, the baseball was crisp and left me thinking “Wow this was an amazing game… No way the Giants and the Pirates can follow this game and one up it?” Well I was 100% absolutely, positively… true and the San Francisco Giants beat the Pittsburgh Pirates in a 8-0 beatdown. 

   I almost felt like a disappointed parent who was comparing the two leagues and saying “Why can’t  you be like the American league wild card game?” However the game did have its interesting nuances. I mean talk about a dominating pitching performance. Madison Bumgarner went the distance, nine innings of shutdown pitching and only allowed four hits. And how could we not talk about how potent the offence looked, who put up 8 runs to prove to the rest of the National League that they are still a contender who are hungry for a ring. These themes coupled by the fact that the Pirates had the energy sucked out of them after the grand slam, spelled a convincing win and possibly a convincing message for every team out there. 

   Up next for the Giants is the White Hot Washington Nationals in a playoff. Obviously, the Nationals are a different animal than the Pirates. They are on fire, have solid pitching and unselfish hitting. In other words, the Giants vs Nationals might be a good series so get ready baseball fans.