2014-15 Don't Jump Awards

After reviwing the top dunks form this basketball season, I decided to come up 3 categories to pay homage to the best (and worst) Don't Jump moments of the year. So without further ado, here are your top Don't Jump moments of the 2014-15 season. 

BodyCatcher of the Year 

Jeff Green 

This award goes to the individual who has victimized his opposition the worse. This year recipient, Jeff Green, didn't get off to a fast start, in fact his best moments came in the final two months of the season. It's good to see Jeff Green leaping out the building, when you think 2 years prior, his NBA career and life was in question. Here are Jeff Green best moments. 

Honorable Mention: Kevin Durant


Victim of the Year

Washington Wizards 

This award goes to the player, or team in this case, that has been victimized by opposing dunkers. While going through our DONT JUMP archive from this season, I noticed that a few of the Wizards players were being punched on, BADLY. In fact, two of the top 5 DONT JUMP Moments, include some Wizards players, here are a few that didn't make that cut. 

Honorable Mention: Rudy Gobert 

Top 5 Don't Jump Moments 

1. Gary Harris back in November dunked on two Pacers players but his mother missed it. 

 2. Kevin Durant came back home to DC only to disrespect Marcin Gortat with a brutal facial. 

3. Nikola Vucevic disrepected Pau Gasol in the worst way. 

4. Still trying to figure out why Bradley Beal decided to jump. 

5. Victor Olidipo took the foul from the LeBron, lost the ball, regain it, and still banged out.