What's Beef?

I don't characterized myself as a rap expert but I do consider myself a rap connoisseur. I'm not writing this to choose a side (Meek All Day), but just to help people understand what we are about to endure in the rap game. If you disagree with what I'm saying feel free to share your displeasure. 

First I would like to give thanks to Kendrick Lamar for setting the tone for the current state of the rap game with that “Control Verse”. Without him we wouldn't be at this point. 

Drake vs. Meek. 

Just in case you've been under a rock, let's do a quick run through. Drake sent Meek a verse for the song R.I.C.O. on Meek's studio album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, which in my opinion wasn't that good, but that's another topic. Just a couple weeks after the release of DWMTM, Meek went on Twitter and dropped this bombshell.... 

Now if you know me personally, then you know I have been accusing Drake of having a ghostwriter for years now, after his Hot 97 debacle, so to see Meek's accusations was not surprising, it also gave me a sense of gratification that I know my sh*t. People think this is about Drake not promoting Meek's album, when it's actually about him not writing his raps. Meek had every right to be upset with Drizzy and expose him of his fraudulence, he just did it in the wrong way. 

I was disappointed that Meek voiced his gripe with the Toronto rapper on twitter and not in the booth. When it's all said-n-done, I will say that Meek's decision to expose Drake on twitter could be his worst decision, not because of what he said but because he did it on twitter. 

The next day, Meek would go on stage while on tour with his girlfriend Nicki Minaj, – Drake would later use as ammo -  to say that he was disappointed to find out that Drizzy had others writing his raps because he was a fan first. He then went to say “let Drake be great in everything he do” which I took as a white flag. 

Not Drake though.  

A few days later, Drake would drop “Charged Up”, the most emotional diss track ever. I don't even consider that a diss. Drake used Charged Up to address the situation, but still didn't address him having a ghostwriter. Drake didn't stop there though, two days later he came with some extra heat. 

“Back-to-Back”, the diss track you can play in a club. Drizzy threw shots at Meek about his relationship with Nicki Minaj, who I think is irrelevant in this whole situation, with lines like “Is that a World Tour or your Girl Tour?” and “shoutout to all my boss bit*hes out here wifing ni**as”. The line "Trigger Fingers turn to Twitter fingers, you getting bodied by a singing ni**a" put a lot of pressure on Meek.  

He used a photo of Joe Carter from the 1993 World Series when the Blue Jays defeated the Phillies to win back-to-back World Series. A very clever move by Drizzy. 

Many people took to twitter to make a bunch of memes, signaling that Drake bodied Meek. “Back-to-Back” was a good song but it's not “body bag” material. I think people groveled over it because one, it's Drake, and two, it's a catchy song before anything. It's something you can dance and sing along too, none of which are main qualities of a “body bag” diss track. 

Drake's move to hit Meek with back-to-back diss tracks was genius, giving Meek little time to respond. The fact that Meek started the feud with accusations and didn't have something already prepared if Drizzy did fire back, was another bad move by the Philly spitta. 

Meek finally responded though, and of course, social media wasn't feeling it, only because he prolonged it and it didn't meet expectations. 

I'm going to say it now, I think “Wanna Know” was a good response. Yes it was light, but it is a perfect set-up. The lines “Yall going to have to give me a check to stop” and  “This that Ja-Rule sh*t and 50cent” right before the song ends has me asking, why would anyone think this is over? 

To all my true rap fans, we are in for a good one, it's only heating up. 

The main reason why I wrote this is to give those who don't understand what's going on, some insight. Traditional rap beefs didn't happen in a week, some lasted for months, sometimes years. KRS-One vs MC-Shan in the “Bridge Wars lasted from 1985-1987. LL-Cool J vs. Kool Moe Dee had 6 songs of the two MCs throwing shots at each other from 1987-1991. 

I'm just trying give you a history lesson. 

Fast Forward to the new millennium, the most infamous beef of them all, Nas vs. Jay-Z. Nas didn't reply to Jay-Z's “ask Nas he don't want it with Hov, NOOO” line from Takeover until almost a year later. Think about that people. We're expecting Meek to answer Drake in a week, when the greatest diss track ever wasn't released until a year later. 

50 Cent didn't kill Ja-Rule career over night, it took a couple years of continuous shots. 

When 50 cent threw a jab at Jadakiss, Jada, Styles, and Sheek sent bombs at 50 for an entire summer. 

What Meek did was smart. 

Knowing that the expectations were high and people were anticipating what he was going to say, he responded with a track that, in reality, was a subtle jab. What people are not realizing is that, “Wanna Know”, is nothing but a set-up.Of course people are going to judge this beef by only what they hear as of now, which is fair, but I'm not sure they understand what they are hearing. 

"Wanna Know" is a light jab diss track full of facts and disrespectful dirt. Meek reference the time when P. Diddy smacked Drake, him on having a ghostwriter, and told the world Drizzy was pissed on by TI's homeboy. No it didn't have the best bars lyrically, but it was smart and I like how he is setting this beef up. 

Meek gave the world something to make them believe that this was all he had, while Drake plus average rap fans fell for it. I don't expect Drake to respond because he already responded on Instagram. In his mind that probably isn't worth the time to respond.

This is a very risky move by Meek but still genius. 

Is Drake still winning the battle right now? Yes, Back-to-Back is still the best song of the beef, which isn't saying much, but this is far from over. Yes we're only 3 diss tracks in, but I haven't heard a classic diss song yet out of the two. Neither has dropped anything to make me say "Whoa he killed him".

I'm still waiting for the grimey stuff. 

I just ask the spectators to appreciate whats going on. Don't be so quick to crown a winner. Don't let the memes cloud your judgment, yes they're funny but they hold no weight in this battle. So sit back, relax, kick back, and enjoy the music.