Throwback Thursday: Jae Millz vs Murda Mook '03

One of my favorite battles right here. Battle rap has come a long way since this 2003 classic. Now a days, battles are on stage in a large venue with round card girls, light shows, microphones, and many other things that make it a spectacle. In early days of Battle rap, there were no mics, battles took place at local parks and stores, and usually happened on the spot, as long as both spittas had bread to put up. 

Mook and Millz have grown their careers since this classic. Millz has been signed under Young Money Ent since 2010 while Mook has become one of the greatest, if not the greatest, battle rapper ever. 

Battles like this is what help propel the SMACK brand to the top of the Battle Rap market. What once started in the parks, corners, and stores of New York City, has become a staple in the Hip-Hop culture.