The Best Saturday of the Season

This year's college football season has been nothing short of epic. Many predicted no team will finish the season undefeated, and since week 1, that has been the case. For the first time in over 30 years, #2, #3, and #4 teams suffered losses this past Saturday. Unlike when it happened in 1985, in 2016, a playoff system is in place. So let's take a look at how this weekend can affect the rankings for the rest of the season. 

Top Four Playoff Rankings prediction: 

1. Alabama

2. Ohio State

3. Louisville

4. Michigan

College Football Playoff rankings are released Tuesday

The more these teams lose, the more it makes Alabama look invincible. The only test remaining for Bama is a home game against #9 Auburn and a SEC Championship game. Even if Bama does suffer a loss, they will still be in good position for a playoff spot, being the only Power 5 conference team still undefeated. 

For Ohio State and Michigan, they were lucky that Clemson and Washington suffered losses. Their season finale will be very important for the Big Ten conference, who wants to keep a player in the top 4. Both teams still have to play Michigan State and a Big Ten Title for the winner against either Wisconsin or Nebraska. Either Michigan or Ohio State will have to finish the season flawless in order to keep a Big Ten School in the top four. 

Louisville should creep their way back into the top four. Their strength of schedule, which has been scrutinized much of the season, does not give them much room for error. In order for them to stay in the conversation, they will have to win "convincingly" for the rest of the season. Clemson holds the tiebreaker over Louisville, which is great for the conference but bad for Louisville. Clemson guarantees the ACC will have two teams that can make the playoffs. If Clemson and Lousiville both win out, then Clemson will get that crucial ACC Championship game appearances. 

The Pac-12 as a conference loss when USC knocked off Washington. Washington was the Pac-12 last hope at being in the playoffs. They still hold an edge over the Big 12 with a conference championship game but, their gong to need help in order for Washington to have another opportunity to prove that they are deserving of a playoff spot. Washington last two games will be against a pesky 5-5 Arizona State squad and Washington State who is undefeated in the conference. Like Louisville, Washington will need "convincing"  victories in order to win over the committee. 

Important games next weekend: 

#3 Louisville @ Houston, 11/17 8pm - Earlier in the season this was slated to be one of the biggest games of the season. After Houston loss twice, some of its sauce has evaporated but playoff implications are still there. Depending on where the Committee puts Louisville in the upcoming rankings, the Cardinals might need to win big. 

#20 Washington State @ #12 Colorado, 11/19 TBD - For Washington, they will need a Washington State victory to keep their strength of schedule up. Colorado is currently first place in the South division of the Pac-12 looking for a spot in the Pac-12 Championship game. They will need a victory to stay a game ahead of USC who owns the tiebreaker over Colorado. 

#2 Ohio State @ Michigan State, 11/19 12pm - The Buckeyes will likely be a double-digit favorite and rightfully so. Ohio State has already had their hiccup, so you shouldn't expect this to be a trap game, but don't be surprised if the unexpected happens.

#8 Oklahoma @ #10 West Virginia, 11/19 8pm - This game can go into two different directions. Oklahoma has two losses and has a slim to none chance of making the playoffs. A big victory could give their playoffs hopes some more life. West Virginia on the other hand, has only one loss to Oklahoma State. The committee has shown that they will jump a team substantially if they are winning "convincingly". A big win against the Sooners and Big 12 championship could help the Mountaineers get a consideration. They will need some help outside help, though.