Kennedy Fauntleroy

This is young Kennedy Fauntleroy. The 11  year old phenom is something special, playing both running back and linebacker for the Reistertown Mustangs(MD). Kennedy aka "Numbers on the Boards" help lead the Mustangs to a D3 Maryland state championship with his unbelievable talents. He is fast, runs hard, and refuses to get tackled by one defender. Any time he gets to the sideline, you might as well signal touchdown because no one will catch him. He has crazy instincts for his age, making 2 or 3 defenders miss at a time. He has the perfect mixture of elusiveness and power. Even his fundamentals are on point, whenever he gets to the sideline he switches hands with the ball. Most kids his age are not doing that. Still with 3 more years before he will be able to play high school ball, schools are looking at him now, private school powerhouse Gilman Greyhounds being one of them. Expect to see big things from Kennedy in the future. 

Kendall Hilton6 Comments